Information Management Solutions for Manufacturers

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Document Imaging & Management Services for Commercial & Industrial Markets

Manufacturing has long been the backbone of our country. No other industry segment is more passionate about getting more done with less and employee productivity. Automating business processes through document scanning, business process outsourcing, and ECM (enterprise content management) allows US manufacturing companies to reduce costs and compete globally.

Daida understands how to harness technology to help improve the coordination between vendors, customers, partners, and your manufacturing. We are experts in providing innovation in accounts receivable, accounts payable, engineering, logistics, human resources, plant inspections, forms automation, and much more.

Daida understands that paper is not good for business and costs organizations time and money. Information and business must be digitally transformed to be successful. Let Daida help you architect your blueprint for success with business process outsourcing.

Ask us about our solutions for:

  • Electronic forms and self-service options for HR Mobile technology for inspections and data collection
  • Case management systems
  • Contracts management
  • Solutions to support employee health records
  • Compliant repositories for Soc 2, Sarbanes-Oxley, ISO, HIPAA, and more
  • Information Governance platforms
  • Business Process Outsourcing

Data Management Solutions for Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturers are in a period of slower growth and demand worldwide. It is important in this slow-growth sector to ensure higher productivity gains. Because of this, many industrial manufacturing companies are experiencing an increase in the digitization of information. Data in this industry is growing exponentially and could increase up to 50 times in just a few short years.

Manufacturing firms are highly regulated and highly competitive. As such, manufacturers are very concerned with protecting their intellectual property and other sensitive data. It can be difficult to manage information like product specs, datasheets, engineering documents, and plans, as much of this data is in silos littered around the organization.

Let Daida Help Your Manufacturing Organization Improve Productivity

Our Mercury software solutions can help you uncover information that is lying in unsecured locations, such as emails and file shares, and move that to a more secure repository or data archive. We can automate your data management process, ensuring that sensitive information is instantly analyzed, classified, and stored in the appropriate location.

Secure, Compliant, And Efficient

Industrial manufacturers are building massive products, and communication between individuals is critical. We can help ensure your IP stays secure by analyzing communications that happen outside of your ERP. In addition, our workflow automation solutions can help ensure IP-specific documents are routed efficiently and safely, quickly moving through the approval process and saving your organization a lot of time.


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