Construction & Engineering Data Management Solutions

Workflow, Process Automation, & E-Discovery

Often construction and engineering companies, like yours, have data and documents needing to be easily discoverable by many different departments in your organization (from accounts payable to legal). And much of the documentation is still in paper form adding to the headache of centralized, regulated data management.

Discover How Daida Can Help

We offer construction and engineering companies an end-to-end data management solution. We can take your paper files (from regular documents to large bulky documents to CAD files and even aperture cards) and scan them into a digital format. Then, we can help you manage your data, including workflow automation, archival, and presentation.

  • Scan & Digitize Any Construction Document
  • Consolidate Your Data Into One Place
  • Regulate All Data With The Right Retention Schedules
  • Easily Search, Find, and Retrieve Stored Information
  • Implement Notification Workflow for Expiring Contracts and Other Time Sensitive Information
  • Ensure your contractors are paid on time with automated AP workflow


Secure, Compliant, And Discoverable

With our Mercury solutions, you can easily set your retention schedules with data we scan for you and even set up a schedule for any new data that will be scanned and stored. And whether we use your cloud storage, our cloud storage, onsite storage, or one of our secure data centers, you can be sure your data is safe, compliant, and retained on the correct schedule.

  • Disaster-proof your data in secure storage
  • Destroy old, outdated, and unneeded information, saving you time and money
  • Retain information on the right schedule

Litigation Support And Quick Document Access

Our solutions allow you to show the right files in case of litigation. We can enable your company to digitally present documents to opposing attorneys and track their viewing data. This can ensure the swift completion of any legal disputes.

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