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Document Scanning And Imaging Services In Boise, ID

Boise, the capital city of the Gem state of Idaho, is a laid-back, friendly city that has been cited as the fastest-growing city in America by Forbes magazine back in 2018. It is also well-known for the high quality of life it provides to its residents.

While a thriving multi-billion-dollar tourism industry drives Idaho’s economy, Idaho is also strong in the science and technology sector, with high-tech products accounting for a considerable part of its exports. The Idaho National Laboratory (INL) is the largest Department of Energy facility in the US and is important to Idaho’s economy. 

As its capital city, Boise shares some of these aspects of Idaho’s economy—like its prowess in science and technology, Boise is strong in semiconductor manufacturing. 

IT companies, notably Hewlett Packard, among others, have a presence in Boise. The call center industry is also a major source of employment. The city also has over 20 call centers employing more than 7,000 people.

Boise also has a well-developed education sector, with the School District comprising over 30-40 schools. It also has satellite campuses of The University of Idaho and Idaho State University.

DRS Imaging has a full-stack document scanning services bureau in Boise. We understand the needs of the technology, education sector, and local businesses in Boise.

Equipped with production-grade scanning equipment, we have the technology and trained resources to handle high-volume document imaging and data capture requirements of education institutes and tech companies.

Get More Out of your Documents with Digitization

Scanning allows you to transform your paper documents into powerful digital formats that can be stored on the cloud. Our scanning solutions and services in Boise cater to the document imaging needs of educational institutes, technology companies, and local businesses that want to embark on a digital transformation program. Document scanning lays the foundation for digital transformation.  

We execute backfile and day-forward scanning projects for regular and large-format documents to bring your business up to speed with the leading edge of digitization and chart your course toward digital transformation.


Eliminate Manual Data Entry & Reduce Errors

If you want to turn unstructured information into useful and accurate data, you need to deploy automated data capture software.

Our Boise document bureau uses cutting-edge data extraction technology to capture key information directly from paper (or from digital files), converting it into machine-readable text.

That’s how we’re helping businesses in and around Boise, ID, to leverage advanced ML-based Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to render their business content into searchable electronic text. Employees can then search and retrieve one among a million documents within seconds!

Document Management & Cloud Data Storage

Our Boise document conversion bureau works with local business houses, education institutions, healthcare firms, and government offices to manage digitized documents securely using Mercury, our electronic document management system.

It creates a centralized digital repository of all business documentation, so employees, vendors, and other stakeholders can work collaboratively on shared documents. Our          solution follows the latest security protocols to help you adhere to industry-specific compliances.

We offer affordable cloud data storage solutions for high-volume records storage that is secure and compliance-ready.

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