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Document Scanning And Imaging Services In Dallas, TX

Dallas, one of the largest cities in the United States, was once an important trade route for cotton and oil supplies to the north and east of Texas, thanks to the early development of railroads and interstate highways.

Today, Dallas has grown into a prominent financial center with a stable economy. It has a well-developed engineering & construction industry and a mature logistics & transportation sector supported by information technology companies and educational institutions.

The Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world, and a well-developed rapid transit system have also driven the city’s growth.

Traditionally, offices were filled with rows of filing cabinets, with the hum of printers providing a constant background score to daily operations. But document digitization is changing the rules of the game! 

DRS Imaging, one of America’s leading scanning companies, has a full-fledged scanning services bureau in Dallas, relieving corporates and public and education institutions of the burden of paper documents!

Our Dallas document conversion bureau provides full-stack document imaging services to ECO (Engineering, Construction, and Operations) companies, education institutes, and service providers for mass transit systems, airports, and ports in Dallas. We have a well-equipped document bureau with the latest scanning hardware and high-quality intelligent character recognition and data capture software. 

Our scanning and imaging experts are experienced in converting ECO-specific information such as large-format as-built asset documentation, engineering drawings, work orders, and other vendor records.

Scan & Digitize Crucial Business Information

Scanning is the first step to transforming paper documents into powerful digital formats. Our scanning bureau in Dallas executes document scanning projects to digitize high volumes of legacy paper documents and capture high-value data automatically.

Our advanced data capture technology automatically ingests data from scanned images, hand-filled application forms, or even handwritten papers, accurately indexing the files and routing them into a document management system or other existing backend systems for further processing. We also offer an outsourced digital mailroom scanning solution which is ideal for digitizing all incoming paper at its source and maintaining paperless operations.

We provide specialized medical records scanning and student records management services to clients in Dallas, TX.

Make Business Content Accessible and Secure

Mercury, our state-of-the-art document management solution, makes data accessible to defined users with the click of a button. You can securely share real-time business documents with remote workers, branch offices, and other offsite locations.

Our electronic document management software is helping Dallas-based organizations manage digital files and store them affordably on our secure cloud-based hosted solutions.

Mercury creates a centralized digital document repository that serves as a single source of truth for all employees, partners, and stakeholders, allowing them to collaborate on shared documents and make data-driven decisions based on real-time reports and records.

It is also ideal for information that requires high levels of security, like personally identifiable information (PII) or data that requires compliance-ready storage.

Automate & Simplify Operational Workflows

We have a team of experienced business process automation consultants who can assess your operational workflows, identifying automation opportunities to save time and effort and reduce costs.

Automation minimizes errors by reducing manual interventions in repetitive tasks. With our workflow automation tool, employees can offload time-consuming, rules-based tasks and concentrate on more valuable work that drives business growth. Our process consultants help remove administrative bottlenecks and re-engineer multi-step processes into simpler, more efficient digital workflows.

Our automation solutions help you drive out paper-based processes, increase productivity, and adhere to industry regulations and compliances. DRS Imaging can automate departmental processes such as HR and AP to run faster, more smoothly, and without human error.

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