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Document scanning: The lifeline for a digital enterprise. 

Document Scanning And Imaging Services In Des Moines, IA

Des Moines, the capital of Iowa, is named after the Des Moines River, on which it is located. The name appears to have been adapted from the early French name, Rivière des Moines, meaning “River of the Monks,” by French colonists.

However, what’s significant about Des Moines is not the river itself –  Des Moines has one central focus – insurance! It has a large concentration of insurance companies – so much so that Business Wire magazine called it the “number one spot for US insurance companies.”

This seems to be because Iowa has one of the lowest insurance premium taxes in the US. A low cost of doing business, along with a favorable state tax policy and the availability of an educated and productive workforce, makes Iowa and especially Des Moines attractive for insurance firms.

Apart from insurance companies, many financial services companies and publishing companies have set up a presence here. This has helped create steady employment in the city.

DRS Imaging specializes in document scanning solutions for the banking and finance industries, with a special focus on insurance claims processing.

We have a strong presence in Des Moines with a full-fledged scanning bureau equipped with high-quality scanners, trained professionals and a suite of automation and electronic document management solutions.

Document Scanning: Secure, Accurate & Compliant

Our Des Moines document scanning bureau focuses on providing high-volume, secure document imaging services, especially for financial services and insurance companies.

Our bureau is well-positioned to execute large-scale document conversion projects as our facility is SOC2-certified, and our scanning teams are trained to handle confidential paper documents and digital files. We maintain a secure chain of custody throughout the scanning project.

Whether your firm needs to digitize large-format documents, confidential  PII data, or you deal with sensitive medical claims that require super-fast processing or documents requiring HIPAA compliance, our Des Moines scanning services bureau will rise to the challenge.


Affordable Data & Document Management  

Information forms the backbone for businesses in finance, accounting and insurance. Data privacy and security are major concerns but must be balanced with affordable data management and storage solutions as they deal with large volumes of ever-increasing records.

Mercury, our document management system, is ideal for information in digital format that requires high levels of security, like PII or data that requires compliance-ready storage. Our document management solution can be deployed on-premises or on the cloud. Our cloud-based data storage and archiving solution is affordable, and you can rest assured that we ensure high levels of data security.

Improve Business Processes & Compliance 

Claims processing is always challenging for insurance companies involving validating and verifying bills, insurance claims, and supporting documents. 

Our document bureau in Des Moines has a team of process consultants who can streamline claims processing using workflow automation tools. They analyze, validate, and tweak existing business processes for greater speed and efficiency.

Our workflow automation solution streamlines paper-based or manual processes and helps your company transition to paperless operations. Process automation saves costs, speeds up operations, and shortens time to revenue. Efficient workflows are the key to enhancing accuracy and maintaining compliance.

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