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Document Scanning And Imaging Services In Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, nicknamed the “Valley of the Sun,” is one of the fastest-growing economies in the US. As the capital of Arizona, Phoenix houses the state legislature and numerous state government agencies.

Phoenix grew rapidly from an agrarian economy that primarily comprised the “5Cs” (copper, cattle, climate, cotton, and citrus) into a major metropolis. The construction of railroads and an airport brought Phoenix onto the national map, spurring further growth. Real estate, finance, insurance, manufacturing (especially electronics manufacturing), retail, government, and healthcare are the top employment-generating sectors in Phoenix.

One of the region’s leading scanning companies, Daida has a full-fledged document bureau in Phoenix, offering world-class document scanning services and electronic document management. Our state-of-the-art scanning facility is equipped with production-grade scanning hardware, including high-quality document scanners, check scanners, and specialized microfilm & microfiche scanners. Our team of trained scanning technicians and document management system experts meets the scanning needs of Phoenix’s government, healthcare, retail, finance, education & other sectors under one roof.

We’re helping businesses in Phoenix with scanning solutions to transform paper to digital formats, streamline business processes and automate workflows to improve speed & efficiency. 

From paper to digital with Daida

Is paper overwhelming your employees? We provide high-volume, secure document imaging services to organizations in Phoenix, AZ. Our SOC2-certified bureau is well-positioned to execute large-scale document conversion projects.

Our scanning teams are trained to handle confidential documents while maintaining a secure chain of custody throughout the scanning project. Our backfile scanning services are ideal for converting legacy papers, large-format historical documents, and old microfilm records to digital files.

We also provide day-forward scanning services to maintain paperless operations by digitizing new paper documents at their source. Digitization reduces costs, minimizes errors, and speeds up document processing.


Eliminate data entry with data capture

No more manual data entry! Manual data entry, indexing and document sorting are as inefficient as papers filed in storage cabinets. That’s why we deploy our cutting-edge data capture solution to identify and ingest key information from paper documents, microfilm, microfiche or aperture cards.

Using advanced Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) technology, we turn handwritten records, printed forms, and scanned images into machine-readable text.

Once your workforce is relieved of the burden of paper and manual data entry, they can spend more time on their core skills and value-added activities that drive business growth.

Automate & optimize business processes

Is your business reeling under the burden of manual tasks? The Daida document bureau in Phoenix, AZ, offers process automation aimed at helping businesses embrace digital transformation.

Our workflow automation solution streamlines paper-based or manual processes and helps your company transition to paperless operations.

Our experienced team of process and workflow automation consultants tweak existing business processes, automate redundant tasks, and build new simplified processes to save time and effort for your employees.

A systematic re-engineering of business processes also helps you adhere to regulatory compliances and protect sensitive data.

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