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Document Scanning And Imaging Services In San Diego, CA

San Diego, the second largest city in California, is a hub for tourism, international trade, and a range of manufacturing industries, including defense, aerospace, shipbuilding, medical devices, and more. It is an emerging center for healthcare companies and biotechnology research. Its economy is also influenced by its port, the naval fleet it hosts and its military bases and proximity to the Mexican border. Forbes designated San Diego as the best place to start a small business or start-up company in the US.

Daida provides world-class document scanning solutions and digitization services in the US. Our ultramodern scanning and imaging facility in San Diego is equipped with high-speed, production-grade scanners for document conversion to high-quality digital files.

Our intelligent data capture technology, powerful document management system, and process automation solutions provide companies in San Diego with a digital edge. We have successfully executed document scanning and electronic document management projects for organizations in the manufacturing, government, education, and healthcare sectors in and around San Diego.

Document Scanning and Data Capture

Scanning and automated data capture of legacy paper documents are the most effective ways to transition to a paperless office! Documents such as contracts, agreements, receipts, invoices, and scanned images contain valuable business information.

Unlock their true value with our data capture technology. It automatically identifies and ingests key information from unstructured documents and converts it to computer-readable text, which can be indexed and classified into a searchable database.

Our San Diego facility executes high-volume scanning projects for legacy government documents, legal or medical documents, microfilms, microfiche, and even large-format blueprints and engineering drawings.


A Powerful Document Management Solution

Mercury, our versatile document management software, creates a secure, searchable repository of business content in digital format. It can automatically manage document retention schedules and archiving per the company’s policies or industry regulations. It gives you granular control over all business documents so you can assign role-based logins and ensure that only authorized personnel can view, manage or share documents.

It integrates seamlessly with existing ERP software and other applications, setting the stage for automation across different organizational functions and departments. It can be deployed on-premises or on the cloud for information that requires high levels of security, like PII, or data that requires compliance-ready storage.

Automate Processes and Streamline Workflows

Efficient workflows are the key to enhancing accuracy and maintaining compliance. Multi-step workflows or time-consuming processes create bottlenecks.

Our document bureau in San Diego has a team of business process consultants who can streamline your organization’s operational processes using workflow automation tools. They analyze, validate, and tweak existing processes for greater speed and efficiency.

Our workflow automation solution tool streamlines manual processes and helps your company transition to paperless operations. Process automation saves costs, speeds up operations, and shortens time to revenue. We’re helping San Diego businesses to eliminate paper-based processes, adopt digitized workflows, and successfully transition to paperless operations.

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