eDiscovery Consulting

Data is growing, and technology is progressing at record speeds. So how can you properly preserve your information while staying compliant and organized despite this dynamic environment? E-discovery.

  • Keep original file properties, like content and metadata, in case of future litigation. 
  • Use and find value in the data they own. 
  • Optimize their document management processes through e-discovery.

eDiscovery Consulting Services

Once your documents are collected, an e-discovery tool will track metrics and analyze multiple areas. We’ll then work together to eliminate redundant information and create a customized classification scheme. Everything will be properly protected and be managed under your control so you can easily find what you need when you need it.

When we team up to create and implement an e-discovery process for your business, you’ll receive more than just a litigation-proof data management system.

We’ll Discuss:

  • Auto-classification: With e-discovery, you won’t have to do a thing when a new piece of data comes in. The software will automatically assign a tag and index based on pre-determined parameters, so it goes exactly where you need it to go. 
  • Archiving: There’s a lot to consider, but we’ll walk you through your options when it comes to archiving and tagging data. We’ll look at who needs access to what, what storage options suit you best, and simplify the discovery process.
  • Business Insights: Not only will you gain full visibility of your data, but you’ll gain a better understanding of your organization’s workflow and processes. With that knowledge, you can become more productive and make better business decisions.

Employing a robust e-discovery process, complete with classification measures and archiving processes, will transform your business. You’ll begin to find usefulness in your content and improve workflow efficiency. Talks to us about how we can consult and help you design a customized e-discovery solution now, it’s a cost-effective investment in the long run.


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