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Document Imaging & Management Services for Education

Educational institutions are experiencing an expansion of data, just like most other industries. However, these organizations often have less time and money to focus on the problem. Educational institutions are often under strict budgets with little room to maneuver and are always searching for better ways to deliver the best learning while reducing costs where they can. On top of all these challenges, education facilities are holding on to a lot of confidential data that should be kept and managed according to regulation. Still, employees on the administrative side are often unaware of the data they are keeping in unsecured locations.

Higher education institutions, for example, must abide by many policies and practices when it comes to protecting themselves and both undergraduate and graduate students. There are student records, student payments, professor information, library records, and other digitally-housed documents to keep track of. Functioning as both a business and educational establishment, IT departments at a university can easily be overwhelmed.

Educational testing centers, on the other hand, must consider data verification, data confidentiality, and individual results. The process of storing, tracking, sharing, and using test results should be easy and quick. And a testing center should streamline the authorization, scheduling, administration, and coring of evaluations to consistently provide reliable and secure test data.

Luckily, there are solutions to manage your data effectively and efficiently. The right data and document management platform will be strategically designed to cost-effectively meet your institution or organization’s unique needs.

Analyze, Scan, Archive, and Streamline Your Data For Your Educational Management Systems

It isn’t easy to know that your information is out of compliance if you first don’t know what data you have and where you are keeping it. Also, keeping data in Tier 1 storage that simply doesn’t need to be there can be costly. But Daida can help. Our full suite of data management solutions for education includes:

We help you get your data streamlined and archived (in the appropriate locations) while reducing costs and enabling your data to remain more secure. Data breaches are hard for any organization to recover from, so don’t wait until it is too late. Contact Daida now to learn more about how we can help you manage your educational records and information.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

There were 50.4 million students in public schools and 3.1 million FTE teachers.  This amounts to huge volumes of information: 3.1employee files, 3.1 million background checks, 3.1 paychecks per pay period, 50.4 million medical files, 50.4 million student records, 50.4 million report cards, 50.4 million exams, 50.4 million enrollment documents, financial aid requests, donation files, transcripts processing, vendor management, and the list goes on.

Applications Include:

  • Enrollment Management
  • Admissions Processing
  • Free and Reduced Meal Programs
  • Student Records
  • Accounts Payable
  • Transcripts
  • Human Resources
  • Donar Files
  • Vendor Management,
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Student Billing
  • Registrar Forms Processing
  • Student On-boarding
  • Contract Management


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