Financial Document Management Solutions

Financial professionals employed in one of the most demanding and complicated industries, spanning small hometown business consultants all the way to Wall Street titans, face mountains of financial documents daily. And now the financial sector is under intense pressure to both digitize its paper-heavy businesses and to ensure all financial documents comply with the many regulations announced in the past years, including SEC 17a-4, Graham-Leach-Bliley, Sarbanes-Oxley (sections 302 and 404 for public companies) amongst many others.

At a time with so many trends in big data, financial institutions want to utilize better document management systems to enhance customer service, improve business processes, and reduce costs while also staying secure and compliant.

DRS Helps Your Business Streamline Your Documents and Information

With our document management tools, you can quickly transform your paper-based process and digitize your documentation.

DRS Benefits:

  • Reduce Compliance Risk: Ensure documents are managed and stored according to regulations.
  • Improve Workflow Automation: Certify the right people have the right level of access to the right documents.
  • Streamline Your Process: Scan, analyze, and store records according to retention schedules and type of document. No more paying Tier 1 storage costs for last year’s lunch menu.
  • Easily Present Information: Instantly search and retrieve documents with ease


Compliance Without Complexity – Fulfill 17a-4 Requirements

Financial institutions must take regulations and rules seriously, as significant penalties are waiting for those who don’t. With a solution from DRS, you have three different “out-of-the-box” options to choose from when it comes to managing documents for compliance:

  1. Attribute classification to enable high performance on high volumes of data
  2. Application of pattern analysis
  3. Machine-learning for linguistic-statistical analysis

Finding the right solution to financial document management bliss may not always be a quick and easy process, but with DRS it’s a breeze.


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