Government Document Scanning Services

One Central Repository – Secured Document Access

As an industry overrun with paper documents, government organizations can get bogged down by inefficient and antiquated processes. Utilizing a document scanning service to digitize official records will not only meet legal requirements but improve overall workflow.

Scanning Solutions for Government Documents

Whether you’re a federal agency, state organization or local government, it’s essential to ensure records and files are safe. Not only will document and image scanning make information digitally accessible, but it will avoid any accident or damage. You’ll even free up space (goodbye, filing cabinets) and reduce storage costs as well.

Once documents are scanned and indexed, your organization will be able to search and access information faster and easier. It will speed up processing times so you can serve your constituents and clientele better. You’ll save so much time finding critical information like public files, employee information, business licenses, and case records.

Confidential Scanning From DRS

When you utilize Document Scanning Services from DRS, you’ll successfully:

  • Automate workflow to improve efficiency and productivity
  • Index documents by predetermined criteria to find information faster
  • Seamlessly integrate into your current document management system
  • Reduce physical and digital archive storage costs
  • Create a centralized system for document management

You can trust DRS to use the highest level of security when it comes to data handling and scanning procedures. We have experience successfully scanning complex projects for government agencies and look forward to helping you make a smooth digital transition.

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