Government Records Management

One Central Repository – Secured Document Access

Document Management for All Levels of Government

Local, state and federal government organizations with many individual departments that each have their own document management rules and procedures result in complex and often sprawling document repositories. DRS is uniquely positioned to provide document management solutions for government departments of all sizes. We have experience in:

  • Automate workflow to improve efficiency and productivity
  • Index documents by predetermined criteria to find information faster
  • Seamlessly integrate into your current document management system
  • Reduce physical and digital archive storage costs
  • Create a centralized system for document management

Each of these government departments have different challenges and motivations. But DRS has experience working with multiple government organizations to help them transform and manage their documents. Much of these documents and records are still in paper format, and some must be kept in readable formats for many years. It is critical to ensure that your paper documents are scanned and preserved in a secure electronic format.

We can scan any document, no matter the size, and apply classification to each to ensure you can safely and easily access those documents in a digital format. We can help preserve and secure records that must be kept for indeterminate amounts of time in a permanent archive.

Secure, Affordable, Scalable Storage And Archive Solution

Some government clients have their own private cloud archive that we can work with, and some need a secure, affordable way to keep their documents archived going forward. Our hosted, private cloud system is encrypted and safe, allowing your organization to store government records and documents, while keeping them easy to access whenever needed.

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