Government Information Management Solutions

Information management in government is mission critical.

Document Imaging & Management Services for Government

All agencies are buried in mountains of paper, mail, and records and spend millions of dollars of taxpayer funds managing and processing information. Nowhere in any industry is the business case stronger for the digital transformation of information processes than in government.

The paperless push is on to transform government. As government budgets are reduced, agencies must do more with less and deploy paperless technologies and outsourcing wherever possible.

Since 1964 Daida has been providing document imaging and microfilm solutions to government agencies across the United States. We have extensive experience with information management and processing in Public Safety, Courts, Law Enforcement, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Registry of Deeds, Social Services, the Housing Authority, Transportation Authority, the Parking Violation Bureau, Health Facilities, Department of Natural Resources, Motor Vehicle Departments, and more.

Daida is a reseller of products by Docuware, Kodak Alaris capture software, and PSIGEN. Daida sells and integrates a complete line of hardware and software to allow a department to manage these services in-house. We also have developed Cloud Keeper to serve the tightest budgeting requirements and fast deployment timelines.

The Daida Government team are all experts in working with government agencies. We transform and store virtually any critical document. Our services and systems convert checks, engineering drawings, microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, and paper and produce digital assets and mobile forms systems that eliminate paper at its very source. Ask us for a no-cost analysis that can help with your strategic plan for digital government.

Information Management for Government Organizations

Government organizations deal with a large amount of information and a TON of paper. In addition, organizations are concerned with managing regulations to ensure they stay in compliance, just like any other heavily regulated industry. And each branch or division of the government, whether federal, state, or local, has its challenges.

Daida has helped various government organizations with their information management, including document scanning and records management.

Document Scanning And Electronic Records Management

Daida has several solutions to help ensure government organizations, and within those organization’s departments, keep and access all necessary information. These organizations have a buildup of paper records and warehouses of filing cabinets full of information. This data must often be kept in permanent archiving; over time, paper records, especially microfilm and microfiche, tend to fade with age.

At this point, many of these departments need to convert their backfiles into electronic formats to free up real estate and preserve the records; especially when the records need to meet regulatory requirements to remain in compliance. And in many cases, the documents have to be accessible, even when in an archive.

Our scanning and records management solutions can help government departments and organizations with the following:

  • Secure scanning procedures and data centers with the highest level of security
  • Government Document Imaging
  • Government Records management and archiving to ensure information is retained according to the appropriate schedules
  • Reducing costs and freeing up real estate from paper storage
  • Preserving data from becoming unreadable with age

DRS has decades of experience with many levels and departments in government. You can rest assured that your data is secure and that you have a partner who understands your unique challenges.


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