Innovative Human Resources Automation

Human Capital is Big Business

Human resources have never been more critical to the success of an organization. Talent acquisition, talent management, and team development have taken center stage in most organizations’ strategic planning. For HR teams to be successful, they need tools that allow them to compete, innovate, and automate business processes.

Human Resources Automation Has Never Been This Easy

Why HR Professionals Around the Globe Choose Daida Imaging Services:

  • Secure HR Records Management System
  • Business process automation
  • Enhanced HR Information Governance
  • Our systems work with your systems on-premises or in the Cloud

Digitally transform your HR department with Daida’s ECM solutions for Human Resources. All records related to Human Resources are stored securely and are available when and where needed on request. Paper Forms are eliminated, and tremendous efficiencies, transparency, and automation are gained. An HR records management system eliminates lost documents and misfiles, and workflows related to every process can be monitored and managed proactively and in real-time.

Why Companies Are Automating Their HR Processes

  1. Information Governance: Secure, protected, compliant HR records management system for complete software integration.
  2. Time Savings provides filing and accessing employee information. Authorized access to employee information can occur anytime and anywhere, keeping productivity and morale at peak levels.  Employee self-service and user-friendliness are built into every HR records management solution.
  3. Digital automation of HR Business Processes

In all Daida HR solutions, we automate application processing, new personnel onboarding, and payroll information distribution.  Electronic automated web and mobile forms eliminate tremendous amounts of paper, costs, and errors.  Employee reviews, communications, and vacation requests are streamlined, automated, and 100% auditable.

The impact of digitally transforming Human Resources is substantial and measurable. Our team of document automation experts can calculate return on investment quickly. Ask Daida for a no-cost assessment of how we can help you lower costs, increase morale, create a digital culture, and support compliance.


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