Information Governance for Higher Education

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Information Governance for Higher Education

Your education institution has a growing library of data – from student records to employee and administration records, from Personally Identifiable Data (PII) to data that enables you to make better data-driven decisions. There is no shortage of information to be managed. It is critical to have a well-planned information governance strategy and comprehensive solution to ensure your data is a benefit, not a challenge.

Let DRS Automate Your Higher Education Institutions’ Data Governance

Our easy-to-integrate software solution, Mercury, will enable you to manage your information, maintain data integrity, control access, and secure data storage.

DRS Information Management Solutions can help:

  • Better, data-driven decision-making capabilities
  • Information transparency to understand what information you have
  • Ability to analyze, classify and store data, including moving information to lower storage costs where appropriate
  • Reduce compliance risk by classifying data by its appropriate retention schedule
  • Efficient workflow and information management
  • Improve data security

An information governance policy ensures your institution cannot only manage risk, but can use that data as a competitive advantage. It will improve operational efficiency, and enable you to provide the very best education possible to your students.

You understand the immense value your data governance policy can have – let DRS help you manage your educational organization’s information with our cost-saving solutions.

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