Legal Data Management Services

When Timely Access to Information is Critical – Count on Daida

The legal industry has many challenges today, from litigation management and document and data management to storage, regulatory, and compliance concerns. In addition, the industry is being impacted by multiple emerging trends, such as e-discovery, privacy concerns, and an increased focus on minimizing costs and maximizing profit.

Daida is Your End-To-End Data Management Solution for the Legal Industry

Legal departments and firms have found many benefits exists when implementing many of our comprehensive legal document scanning and data management solutions:

  • Legal document scanning to reduce paper files
  • Secure data storage that enables easy search and retrieval of important documents
  • Legal hold document management to ensure the right information is supplied pertaining to a case (reducing liability)
  • Workflow process automation to reduce costs and improve efficiency
  • Legal Document Management

Litigation Support That Goes the Extra Mile

Many legal hold applications only look at a specific subset of file shares or emails based on where you point them. But Mercury can analyze information throughout your entire network of data pertaining to a case, including email deep dives. This legal case management software solution can save your law firm or legal department countless hours of manual labor. It also ensures every document is found and supplied, reducing your risk of losing the case.

Secure, Compliant, Efficient

In medium to large organizations, corporate legal departments rely on their legal counsel to help with compliance issues. Many are developing a compliance arm to help customers with legal counsel guidance on compliance software. Daida can help ensure your data is compliant and stored properly using a combination of industry expertise and robust legal management software.

Law firms no longer will have to hire additional labor to search, retrieve and read the information because Mercury does all of that for you and more.

Let Daida be the secure, compliant, and efficient solution your legal department is looking for.


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