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Eliminate Paper & Manual Processes, Reduce Costs & Risks


Is paper slowing down your business processes?
Are your teams reeling under a deluge of paper documents they can’t access when they are not in the office?
Or are you struggling to find and access the latest versions of your business documents in your remote or hybrid workplace?
Digitizing documents is one thing—but it’s not enough to make digital content available to everyone —you also need to worry about issues such as:
Are your digital files protected and compliant with industry-specific data security regulations?
Have you allocated enough space for storage and migration? Have you estimated the potential costs of storage and maintenance personnel’s time?
To firmly stay on a successful path to digital transformation, you must develop an effective Enterprise Content Management (ECM) strategy to meet these challenges in managing business documents and digital content.

Mercury: Enterprise content management software to unlock collaboration, productivity, and compliance

Enterprise content management (ECM) software dramatically improves remote collaboration, manages and secures all your business records, and helps you achieve compliance, putting you firmly on the path toward digital transformation. Mercury is an easy-to-implement ECM software that allows you to:

  • Handle both structured and unstructured data stored in different applications and silos such as file shares, SharePoint, email, enterprise applications such as ERP and CRM systems, or in-house applications).
  • Intelligently capture data and extract critical information from paper documents.
  • Digitize workflows, streamline business processes and remove manual roadblocks to approvals and verifications.
  • You can deploy Mercury on-premises or on the cloud. Optimize IT storage costs with flexible data archiving and data storage options. Choose from the public cloud or our private cloud storage.
  • Reduce compliance risk by aligning data with your industry’s compliance requirements with tools such as auto-encryption, strict access control, and version control.
  • Set rules and notifications for retention or release of data for archival or deletion according to set retention schedules.
  • Constantly monitor your data to apply rules and policies related to Information Governance.
  • Generate audit-proof reporting, eliminate manual report generation processes, ensuring data accuracy. Real-time or near-real-time data enables data-driven decision-making that promotes business growth.

Ensure Success by Properly Planning Your Move to the Cloud

Solve industry-specific challenges with Mercury: our versatile enterprise content management software

Every industry has unique information management challenges, and each has demanding needs that call for customized enterprise content management software.

Daida offers tailored digitization and automation solutions to suit your industry’s information management challenges:Mercury has proven to be an ideal solution across industries:


Manufacturing firms are highly regulated and competitive, and productivity is a crucial concern for them. A robust ECM is essential to achieving productivity and growth in manufacturing. Mercury streamlines and optimizes information processes across accounts receivable, accounts payable, engineering, logistics, and human resources. It organizes, classifies, and manages access to content such as product specs, datasheets, engineering documents and plans, inventory receipts, and more.


Government agencies are critical. But many of these agencies are buried in mountains of paper, mail, and records and spend millions of dollars of taxpayer funds processing and storing large volumes of information. Mercury is helping government agencies transform their processes and go paperless. We offer strict access control, data security practices, and secure scanning and data storage centers for this heavily regulated sector.


Educational institutions operate under strict budgets but have an ever-expanding data universe. They hold and archive confidential student data and must abide by stringent data security policies and information governance best practices. Mercury offers a comprehensive content management solution to control processes such as admissions, student onboarding, student records, transcripts and exam reports, billing & accounts, vendor & contract management, and HR.

Mercury: Trusted by leading companies across key verticals like education, manufacturing, finance, legal, government, energy, and healthcare.

ECM Software That Solves Real Business Problems

Mercury Analyze

Analyze existing data to develop policies to execute information governance and storage optimization decisions tactically.

Mercury File

Includes Mercury Analyze, along with actions such as migration, release, monitoring, and reporting

Mercury Office

Efficient and compliant archiving for Microsoft SharePoint

Mercury ERP

Manage your ERP systems with ease and security

Mercury Mail

Active archive with real-time retrieval for Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes

Mercury Classify

Intelligent and adaptive auto-classification for your files and documents


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