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Create a seamless workplace: Collaborate, share, report, and leverage real-time digital business content from any device, anywhere.

Transform Your Business with Mercury 

At Daida, we understand the challenges organizations face with document disorganization, the rising cost of doing business, maintaining security & compliance, and supporting a hybrid workforce. Experience a world where organized, accessible, and efficient document management is within your reach with Mercury.

Best-in-Class security and compliance

Mercury is PCI, PHI, HIPPA, SOC2 Compliant. We utilize multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, encryption, and advanced user security settings to ensure your documents are secure. 

Optimized Value

Mercury offers a cost-effective solution to cloud storage that will enable your organization to take full advantage of the benefits of document management without user license fees.

Seamless User Experience

Not only does Mercury allow your team to access documents anywhere at any time, our optimized platform is simple for new users to master.

Our Proven Process

Mercury Features


Powerful Search Capabilities

Sometimes finding a document feels like searching for a needle in a haystack! Our search features ensure you get access to the documents you are searching for – fast!

Comprehensive Security

MFA, SSO, and user security settings ensure your documents are secure. We don’t use links for file sharing, reducing the risk of cyberattacks.

Easy to Train & Use

Get your team members up-to-speed and sharing documents within an hour with Mercury’s optimized user interface and streamlined platform.

Eliminate Physical Storage

Free up valuable space and reduce overhead costs by transitioning to sustainable digital document management practices.

Empower Remote & Hybrid Workers

Drive productivity and efficiency by ensuring your remote and hybrid workforce can access important documents anywhere, at anytime.

Streamlined User Experience

Convenient and efficient uploading of documents directly from your desktop & the ability to view and interact with documents in the format that works for you.

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