Micrographic Solutions

Microfilm and microfiche services for long-term image archiving.

Micrographic Services

Microfilm is in use and is being produced as an archival media across the US and around the world every day.  Daida provides the broadest range of microfilm services in the industry.  Many of the world’s long-term archives are microfilm based and, when stored properly, can serve as a legally compliant long-term storage solution for critical information. We not only scan all types of microfilm, but we also scan archival microfilm to meet various government requirements. We operate microfilm processing and duplication data archiving centers that commit the highest quality images to 16 MM and 35 MM Archival Microfilm.   We create Microfilm Jackets and Aperture cards if required due to existing libraries.

Our QC team inspects all products for image quality and density in our laboratories and monitored laboratories.

DRS microfilm processing centers provide:

  • Microfilm Processing 16 and 35mm
  • Duplication Services 16 and 35mm
  • Diazo and silver duplication of originals
  • Film Scanning
  • Microfiche Creation and repair
  • Microfilm Printing on 16mm and 35mm via Archive Writers


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