Streamlined Business Process Automation

The Foundation For Improved Work Management

What you don’t know can hurt you, especially if you don’t know information that is critical to providing customer service, completing a business transaction or complying with internal or regulatory compliance mandates. FileBound makes it easier for users to store all of critical business content – scanned images, Word documents, audio/video files, email and more – in a secure centralized repository.

Workflow Capabilities

Once documents are in FileBound, they can be shared with other employees, protected against viewing by unauthorized users, accessed via a simple search and organized to reflect the way employees work.

An all-in-one application, Filebound Document Management includes:

  • Electronic forms capability that can be used to collect data from internal users or external customers
  • Flexible licensing options to affordably fit any usage scenario, making FileBound a practical solution for a truly enterprise content strategy
  • The capability to capture virtually any kind of document or content through multiple means, including drag-and-drop from the desktop and TIFF printing, and extract data from structured forms
  • An integration kit that can be used to connect documents and data to other enterprise systems users need to complete their work.
  • The ability to perform granular metadata searches for specific documents, search across the entire document repository, or view related documents with a single click
  • Easy to configure user rules and security settings to balance access with privacy and compliance
  • Seamless, device-agnostic mobile access to allow workers to access documents wherever, whenever, and however they want

Work Management Through Business Process Automation

Knowledge workers spend far too much of their workdays performing tasks that add little value (like routing work to other teammates or approvers) or could be easily performed with software (like visually validating data or comparing it to data in another document or system). FileBound, one of the incredible automated business solutions offered through our company, eliminates these tasks, allowing valuable employees to focus on the work that really matters.

The hallmark of FileBound is its ease of use. Designed with user experience and effective business automation as a top priority, the graphical, drag-and-drop configurability allows users to automate even the most complex processes easily. This outstanding usability reduces training and configuration time, making it possible to develop solutions faster and see ROI sooner.

Workflow extends the capabilities of Document Management to include:

  • Digital process automation increases efficiency and improves control by enforcing corporate policies
  • Analytics that drive greater visibility into automation process efficiency and areas for improvement
  • Automatic import, escalations, and scheduled event capability that reduce manual tasks and human error


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