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ECM, Scanners, and software for Information management and information processing are our “things.”   We provide products that capture information and data and feed that mission-critical information into business processes.   For over 50 years, the World of Document Imaging and ECM technologies has rapidly changed and advanced as the business world is digitally transformed.  Daida has been at the forefront of digital transformation across the US and internationally and providing products that get things done.   We thoroughly investigate and select nothing but the best, proven, and high-performing products to offer our customers.

Daida is an authorized reseller for CanonKodakC&A Associates E-Image DataPSIGEN and Docuware document scanning and management software products. We own and operate large information processing and management centers in New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, and Puerto Rico.    

Why Buy Scanners and ECM Software from Daida?

  1. Daida is an authorized Kodak and Canon reseller for documents, microfilm, microfiche, and check scanning and processing scanners, readers, and printers, Scan Pro 2000 family of scanners.
  2. Our partners thoroughly vetted Daida before selecting us to be their authorized resellers. Our track record for customer satisfaction and support earned us these coveted credentials. They trust us to act as their sales representative in the professional, ethical manner that is the hallmark of Daida sales. The long list of satisfied Daida customers testifies to our client-oriented approach.
  3. Our experience and expertise ensure that Daida clients acquire document scanning and management software products that best fit their needs.
  4. We guarantee satisfaction. Our technical expertise ensures that a new scanner or microfilm station, for example, will work within your existing operating environment.
  5. We are a supportive conduit, working closely with our vendors to ensure fast action on any issues that may arise over the life cycle of the product you have purchased. We ensure that you receive full warranty support, recommend the best programs for ongoing support, and are always there when you need help.

We offer excellent pricing, and by choosing Daida to do your work, you can sleep at night knowing we will always be there if you need us. With a purchase from Daida, you get an excellent product and exceptional support.

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