Document Scanning Quality Assurance Process

Committed to Quality and Security: Scanning & Conversion Quality Assurance Process


For every scanning project, DRS performs a detailed assessment of the customer’s document storage and retrieval requirements. We strive to achieve a detailed understanding of specific customer requirements to ensure total document security and customer satisfaction. Our quality assurance process is comprised of the following steps: 

Description of Work 

Customer reviews and accepts a detailed scope of work outlining every aspect of the conversion process, including deliverable dates. An experienced Document Solutions Specialist will guide you through the process and document all of your organization’s specific requirements. 

Secure Document Transportation 

Documents will be inventoried, picked up, signed for by the driver, and transported to our secure local facility for preparation and processing. Once they arrive they will be signed in by a supervisor, inventoried into our facility, labeled and secured until the work processes begin. A separate “Chain of Custody” process can be provided for organizations requiring this detail. 

Document Control and Document Security 

Documents and files are checked in by a professional upon delivery at our facility. Our tracking system allows us to track boxes from start to finish, making it easy to locate a document if it is needed by the customer during the electronic conversion process. A phone hot line is provided into the scan center supervisor to facilitate finding critically needed files that will be immediately scanned and electronically delivered to the customer when requested. 

Document Preparation 

All paper files can be stored electronically on our servers. A single gigabyte of storage will hold over 30,000 pages – the equivalent of three standard-size filing cabinets. With that kind of efficiency who needs paper? 


State-of-the-art high speed scanners scan the documents, converting every page and graphic into digital images. DRS utilizes the highest quality “Capture” software for every job we process. Scanning resolution is 300 or more dots per inch in black & white. Color scanning is also available in higher resolutions. 

Image Enhancement 

Our Capture software will enhance the digital images to make them better than the originals. Documents will have enhanced image quality while maintaining the integrity of the original document. If searchable documents are required, our standard process is to provide optical character recognition (OCR) to help find critical information quickly inside of multi-page documents. This is no extra charge for these services.

Indexing/Data Entry 

Individual retrieval requirements will be met with thorough indexing of documents to ensure accurate and easy retrieval. “Indexing” is the process of naming a document so you can search and find it easily, but requires data input and human intervention at a keyboard. We minimize the labor by utilizing our Capture software and pass the savings along to you. The documents and files are indexed in accordance with each customer’s specific requirements. 

Quality Control and Scanning Accuracy 

Images are electronically and physically verified through each step of the document conversion process to ensure that images are accurately captured and indexed for searching according to individual customer requirements. A supervisor checks every job we process at every step. 

Output/Data Retrieval/Access 

Images/Index information can be produced in multiple output formats, including PDF, TIFF, JPG, ASCII, as well as custom outputs. Documents can be returned to the customer in a variety of formats, including CD/DVD, a USB portable hard drive, or secure web-based viewing/retrieval system. All scanned documents will be loaded back onto the customer servers or put into an existing document management system. If indexing is required into the customer’s line of business software (HR, Accounting, EMR, etc.), DRS will prepare the documents for insertion into the software program at no additional cost to the customer. 

Confidential Document Destruction 

After documents are in a secure and searchable digital format, document destruction services will be offered. All documents are destroyed according to government specifications. Documents will never be destroyed until after a 2-week waiting period to give the customer time to QC the project. When we receive notification in writing to shred, the process will begin. The customer will receive a certification of destruction that all documents are destroyed. We are one of the only companies that offers complementary secure shredding.


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