Data Archiving in Sap, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, and More

Connect your ERP system to a powerful hyperarchive – Mercury ERP from DRS. In today’s business climate, there is a rising demand to fulfill various legal and compliance regulations with your SAP documents. At the same time, the ERP database needs to reorganize data to maintain speed and reliability. These requirements result in a growing need to archive SAP and other ERP objects and documents.

Benefits of the Mercury ERP Hyperarchive

  • Reduce storage costs

  • Comply with legal data-retention requirements

  • Automate SAP archiving with document capture and workflow

  • Reduce load on SAP database for faster processing

  • Easily and quickly retrieve any item, object or SAP office document

Moving data off of your SAP database into our hyperarchive platform will help you retain documents according to a schedule to optimize your ERP system experience. Archived data is not only stored over the long term, but also available for transfer into any non-SAP system. Mercury ERP is fully SAP-certified to join your SAP environment with our Unified Archiving backbone – connecting all your archiving needs into one platform.


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