Data Management Solutions for the Transportation Industry

Transportation companies collect a lot of data. From logs on who picked up what to who signed for a shipment to passenger documentation and more, a lot of information must be saved and managed. Whether your organization is still using paper documents and needs a reliable, secure scanning solution, or you have electronic files but need a way to streamline and store your data, Daida has you covered.

Transportation Document Scanning & Management

Local taxi services, buses, and trains all deal with a lot of paper. So too does ground shipping and other delivery companies. We can help with Document Scanning and Conversion of all those paper documents to eliminate your paper-based systems and streamline workflow.

Businesses in the transportation industry deal with several hard-copy documents, but these forms can cause serious inefficiencies. Switching to a digital system will allow you to create, store, and manage critical information, speed up processing times and automate data extraction.

For companies striving to convert paper to digital, Daida has multiple scanning solutions available. We can scan, convert, store, and manage your documentation so you can do what you do best – serve your customers.

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Transportation Data Management & Storage

Much of the data handled by companies in the transportation industry–especially in air transportation–is already digitized. But that data can be extraordinarily hard to manage, especially if you’re a company with more than 100 million monthly records.

A business in the transportation industry relies on solid logistic management. You need robust and advanced routing, operation, and analytics systems to be a reliable company. That way, you can deliver on-time solutions and optimize schedules–regardless of if you’re in the airline, trucking, or railroad industry.

Daida can help smooth out your workflow and data processes to ensure you are storing the right data in the right place, and that it is accessible per FCC and other regulatory requirements. In addition to workflow management, Daida offers multiple levels of data storage and archival solutions that are sure to meet your unique needs. We offer a cloud archive or can work with any storage solution you already have.


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