Types of Legal Records

The foundation of a successful law firm? Access to information.

Types of Legal Records

Any business within the legal field uses a plethora of data daily—from court records to testimonies to contracts. But making sense of it can be quite the task, let alone ensuring that it’s managed, organized, and secured correctly with proper legal data management.

That’s why you need to know what you’re dealing with. By definition, a record is a written account of all the acts and proceedings in a lawsuit. The most recognizable types of legal information, whether in paper or digital form, include case documents (such as photos, video, transcripts, timelines, and audio) and court records.

Court records can be broken down into two categories: civil and criminal. Civil Court Records include divorce, car accidents, consumer rights claims, and bankruptcy records. These documents will typically include contact information, a case status, and a written opinion. Criminal Records, on the other hand, are typically used for employee background checks.

Depending on the type of clients you represent, legal records and case documents can come from a court, police department, or public prosecutor. This includes arrest records, warrants, and court records and can support legal rights and obligations and provide evidence or proof in a court of law. These types of records can be broken down into a few categories, including:

  • Property Rights: land, probate, contracts, agreements, leases, licenses
  • Citizenship Rights: birth, death, and marriage information, legal proceedings, criminal cases
  • Statutes: executive orders, rules, regulations, judicial opinions
  • Employment Information: veterans’ records, including legal rights, state personnel, payroll

If you’re in the legal field, you understand the importance of the legal records you’re using, where they are stored, how they should be accessed, and if they are in compliance. Whether you’re in the corporate, private practice, or partnership space, managing electronic legal information effectively to tap into its true potential is essential. If you would like any assistance in organizing and setting up a document management system for your legal records, DRS would be glad to help.


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