Document Management for Oil and Gas

The energy industry is under constant pressure to innovate its solutions while reducing costs. The answer many companies are turning to is digitization. Your company can use technology to help you remain competitive, innovative, and improve your efficiency and productivity. But of course, the challenge many companies face when digitizing is how to manage that process effectively, and what to do with the data once it’s there.

Oil and Gas Document Management

Oil and gas companies go through a multitude of complex stages. Each phase includes its own volume of information and documentation, which is often disorganized and convoluted.

No matter the task at hand—whether you’re preparing a proposal, recovering resources, or building refineries—your company needs to have control over mission-critical processes. The solution? A document management system like Mercury from Daida will move documents efficiently and improve team collaboration.

We know you want to remain competitive and mitigate risk, so you need quick access to information. Document management will digitally capture, secure, distribute, and manage data so you can move forward with business and production plans.

When you implement our document management solution for your business in the oil and gas industry, you will:

  • Reduce operating and storage costs
  • Centralize data to break down information silos
  • Streamline business processes and overall workflow
  • Ensure accuracy and document veracity
  • Search faster with index and tagging functions

Document management can be a hassle between maintenance records, contracts, planning applications, and production plans. Once you capture data electronically, your team will be empowered to work more efficiently.

Don’t underestimate the power of controlling your documents. Let us help you manage documents so you can focus on managing resources. Contact us today.


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